Why it makes financial sense to buy an aluminium trailer instead of steal


If you are in the market for a new trailer, whether it is for personal use or for business, then if you do your research it should become clear that there is a pretty big division in the market.  Most of the choice is split between purchasing either a steel or aluminium constructed trailer, so what is the best choice?  Generally speaking, an equivalent trailer will cost more if it is made from aluminium, but there are three very sound reasons why it is worth the extra money.


Steel is a very useful alloy, but it has a significant flaw in that it rusts.  If your steel trailer gets a scratch in the protective coating then it is important that this area is vulnerable to rusting.  The steel will begin to oxidise very quickly so if you do not act fast enough the rust will have to be removed before an anti-oxidising agent can be applied and the protective coating re-established.

Aluminium on the other hand is not prone to rust although acidic elements can erode it.  The biggest maintenance factor with aluminium is the need to keep any moving parts lubricated to avoid them seizing.  It is still worth keeping the metal clean and treating any discolouration’s in the metal to prevent any weaknesses from forming.


Most people will probably wonder which type of material is the strongest for trailer construction.  Well, the answer is honestly neither.  Steel, as previously mentioned is an alloy and as such it can have strengthening elements added to it but the aluminium used in the construction of items such as trailers is also an alloy.  It is predominantly aluminium, but a small percentage is other elements to strengthen the structure.  Therefore there is no real difference in strength, but aluminium is considerably lighter and easier to move.

Resale value

Due to their resistance to rust, aluminium trailers will hold their value much better than steel ones will.  It is very time consuming and expensive to restore an old steel trailer and in some instances, the rust will be too extensive to salvage.  Aluminium does not have this flaw and even though it dulls over time, acid treatment can restore the trailer to a shine like it had when it was new.  It is also true that aluminium trailers have a tendency to come with more extensive and longer-lasting warranties.  This is a direct reflection of their ability to hold their value and should be considered a part of its value.

As these points illustrate, trailers are another case of understanding that you get what you pay for in life.  Choosing to invest a little more money and rely on the quality you can expect when you buy an Australian made aluminium trailer should be the obvious choice.  It definitely makes financial sense.

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